During HSA recruitment, you will apply for one or more areas of interest, designed to allow candidates to put their best foot forward in a specific area they are passionate about.


General Management

Most positions at HSA are general business management positions. These include management positions that focus on operations, personnel, procurement, logistics, partnerships, and business development. As a manager in this area, you manage one of our 13 agencies as if it is your own business, and you make all of the decisions that keep it running from day to day.

You develop your agency’s budget, establish strategic partnerships, handle day to day operations, learn personnel management skills, and present to a Board of Directors. No prior business experience is necessary — in the general field, you learn how to run a business by actually running one.

Agencies: The Harvard Shop, Cleaners & Dorm Essentials, HSA Tutoring, The Academies at Harvard


Sales and Marketing

At HSA we sell real products to real clients. This requires salespeople at both the corporate and agency level. Managers in the Sales & Marketing focus reach out to potential customers and close deals for a variety of different products and services that HSA provides, including advertising, user research, tutoring, publications, and software development services.

Sales and Marketing managers structure and execute comprehensive marketing campaigns, develop outreach strategies, identify, research, and access target markets, and train with sales professionals from MixMax and other partners.

Agencies: Studio 67, Campus Insights, GroupGear


Design and Branding

Managers in the design and branding field focus on the creation of visual materials to support the brand and marketing strategy of each of HSA's 13 agencies.  This involves building the graphics, banners, and designs on our websites, in our stores, and on our printed marketing materials, as well as managing agencies' web and social media presences.  In a design position, you can explore how people think by developing HSA's websites for its users, by laying the groundwork for advanced email campaigns and by leading the critical process of branding HSA as a whole and its various agencies.

The materials produced by HSA's creative department are viewed by hundreds of thousands of customers, giving designers an unparalleled opportunity to see the tangible effects of their design.  The design focus at HSA presents endless opportunities for managers to learn how people think and how best to approach user-based design strategies.

Designers at HSA become well-versed in a gamut of technologically relevant softwares and languages such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  Prior experience with these softwares, in addition to photography and videography experience, can be advantageous in the recruitment process for this field, though it is not necessary for all roles encompassed by this focus. 

Agencies: Corporate Marketing, HSA DEV


Business Research

The new HSA research focus allows students to work directly with emerging start-ups and established technology names as user experience consultants, helping clients create more valuable products for their users. User experience researchers will have responsibilities ranging from testing out products (mostly apps) and moderating user interviews, to planning out research projects and presenting analysis directly to important clients. If you are interested in going into consulting, this could be a great area for you.

Previous researchers have helped clients reduce on-boarding drop-off, increase user retention, prioritize new features to launch, and improve head-to-head competitiveness. This focus is ideal for anyone who’s interested in the intersection between technology and psychology, especially those considering a career in UX research, UI/UX design, product management, or product marketing.

Agencies: Campus Insights, HSA Strategy



In the publishing field at HSA, you will oversee the production, publication, and sale of the numerous books that HSA releases each year.  Responsibilities of managers in the publishing field include overseeing a budget and allocating company funds, editing and laying out content, and managing and ensuring the safety of researcher-writers who travel to create content for the publications.  Roles in publishing allow students to tap into their interest in journalism or creative writing as authors, graphic designers, editors, and more.

The majority of HSA’s publications are created and distributed by Let’s Go, including Let's Go Travel Guides and the Undergraduate Guide to Life at Harvard.  These publications, completely crafted by HSA managers, enhance the experience of hundreds of travelers and students.

Agencies: Let’s Go


Tech and Dev

Our tech team at HSA develops and manages software both for our internal agencies and for outside companies. If you are interested in getting involved with software engineering, UI/UX design, or the IT needs of a multi-million dollar business, this is the focus for you. Managers in this area get experience building applications and websites both to help smaller, innovative start-ups get off the ground and to generate improved operational efficiency for larger, established businesses.

As an engineer in Tech & Dev, you can work closely with recent technologies in critical and emerging fields such as Node.js, React, and Amazon Web Services. Designers work with Figma, Adobe Illustrator, and Webflow to create user experience design. External clients often come from the tech-based start-up community at the college and the business school.

Agencies: HSA DEV


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