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 Looking for something more flexible?

In addition to manager roles, we offer hourly positions where students can earn wages on a flexible schedule. The majority of HSA's 600+ employees have hourly positions.

The agencies that traditionally have hourly positions are:

The Harvard Shop

  • Web Fulfillment Associates: Web Fulfillment Associates package, label and ship orders placed on The Harvard Shop website and handle customer service to ensure that orders are fulfilled on time and customers are satisfied.

  • Sales Associates: Sales associates manage The Harvard Shop’s storefronts and assisting customers with checkout.

  • Stock Associates: Stock associates ensure that stores are fully stocked with merchandise and tag new inventory.

Cleaners & Dorm Essentials

  • Sales Associates: Sales associate manage the front desk of the dry cleaning storefront and assist customers.

  • Delivery Associates: Delivery associates pick up and deliver laundry to student dorms.

HSA Tutoring

  • Tutors: Tutors teach K-12 academic subjects, standardized testing, and college application prep.

Harvard Bartending Services

  • Bartender: TIPS certified bartenders staff events and parties. Become a bartender and keep the tips!

Harvard Distribution

  • Courier: Couriers door drop handouts and post flyers across designated routes around campus.

These are not the only positions open for hourlies, as other jobs pop up throughout the year. If you’d like to receive emails about these opportunities, fill out the form below!


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