Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered below, please email recruiting@hsa.net to request more information.


How do I apply for the 2018-2019 management team?

Sign up for our recruitment email list to receive information about fall recruitment! Please come introduce yourself at one of our events and/or the Activities Fair in September. Apply on our application page here and interviews will be on an invitation base thereafter. 

When will I know if I am an HSA manager?

The new management team will be selected by October 1st. 

Why are there multiple areas of interest?

HSA senior management uses multiple focuses to get an understanding for what each applicant is interested in as they apply to be a part of the company. Each focus will have a specific interview process to understand how an applicant would realistically fit into more specific roles as opposed to HSA as a whole.

If I am interested in more than one position, should I fill out multiple applications?

Nope! We have a common application for all managerial positions and all potential managers are brought through the same process. However, each focus will have a slightly different interview process and it is possible that students who are interested in multiple tracks will have to field questions that apply to each of the areas that they are pursuing. 

Do HSA managers get paid?

Yes! Managers are paid on a salary with opportunities for bonuses dependent on performance. Managers who work during the summer will receive two weeks of paid vacation. 

Does HSA hire both semesters/throughout the year or is it only in the fall?

HSA managers are generally hired in the beginning of the fall semester. However, we hire for around 500 hourly positions throughout the year! Check out the Harvard Student Employment Portal for more information regarding spots are currently open. Additionally, you may email recruiting@hsa.net to see if there any special managerial positions that have opened after the normal recruitment period. While these spots are rare, they aren't impossible! HSA is consistently recruiting new talent. 

How much do HSA managers typically work?

The number of hours depends highly on the role, but typically it is between 10 and 15 hours a week. 

What if I want a lower time commitment role but still want to be in HSA?

HSA employs the vast majority of its people as hourly employees, meaning that they can work as little or as much as they'd like depending on which agency and hourly role that they have. For more information on hourly roles, make sure to email recruiting@hsa.net or visit our agencies' websites.

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