Real work. Real money. Real people.

We’re a group of passionate individuals developing business skills, setting goals, and learning together. Grow your network by working alongside colleagues and friends with diverse skills and interests. At HSA, you make the final call, from contract negotiation to product development.

Meet the Team

James Swingos '20

Wenjia Li '20
Vice President

Annelise Hillmann '20
Chief Marketing Officer

Weijia Zhang '21
Chief Operations Officer

Jadyn Broomfield '21
Chief People Officer

Christina Yee '21
Creative Director

Truc Nhat (Katie) Nguyen '22
Studio 67 Managing Director

Akanksha Sah '21
The Academies at Harvard Managing Director

Jenny Leight '21
The Harvard Shop Managing Director

Serhiy Sokhan '21
CDE Managing Director

Elizabeth Lively '21
HSA Tutoring Managing Director

William Rowley '21
GroupGear Managing Director

Jessica Luo '21
Let's Go Publishing Director

Jada Lee '21
DEV Managing Director

Amy Wang '21
Campus Insights Managing Director

Unique Hodge '22
Harvard Bartending Course & Services Manager

Nick Barna '22
THS Web Manager

Joyce Seok '21
THS Marketing Manager

Zoe Brewer '22
THS Procurement Manager

Michelle Tong '22
THS Stock Manager

Thor Elfarsson '22
THS Web Fulfillment Manager

Rucha Joshi '22
THS Personnel Manager

Gennie Weiler '21
THS Partnerships Manager

Miriam Abrha '22
DEV Designer

Laura Zharmukhametova '22
DEV Designer

Clarence Chan '20
DEV Engineer

Joshua Chiang '22
GroupGear Production Manager

Austin Kwoun '22
GroupGear Account Manager

Emma Segel '22
GroupGear Account Manager

Rebecca Gilmore '21
CDE Operations Manager

George Guarnieri '22
CDE Delivery & Logistics Manager

Cindy Gao '21
Tutoring Partnerships Manager

Connor Brown '22
Tutoring Partnerships Manager

Bliss Perry '21
DEV Head of Engineering

Dalton Follows '20
DEV Creative Director

Diego Covarrubias '20
DEV Head of Project Management

Justas Jasevicius '21
HSA Strategy

Jasi Lampkin '20
Corporate Designer

Shaik Abiden '21
Tutoring Operations Manager

Moaz Selim '22
Tutoring Sales & Marketing Manager

Karen Chan '22
Tutoring Partnerships Manager

Karina Dubrovskaya '21
The Academies at Harvard Programming Director

Francesca Malatesta '21
Let’s Go Editor in Chief

Michelle Borbon '19
Let’s Go Marketing Manager

Marwa Albaadani '22
DEV Engineer

Jovi Tan '22
DEV Engineer

Joseph O'Keefe '22
DEV Engineer

Zuzanna Skoczylas '22
DEV Engineer

Peter Bynum '22
DEV Engineer

Derrick Ochiagha '22
The Academies at Harvard Marketing Director

Annie Miall '22
Academies at Harvard Operations Director

Jenny Tram '22
Campus Insights Sales

Daniel Meaney '22
Campus Insights UX Researcher

Hannah Phan '22
Campus Insights UX Researcher

Benjamin Wu '22
Campus Insights UX Researcher

Elynna Chang '21
Studio 67 Sales Manager

Brandon Won '22
Studio 67 Head of Business Development

Michelle Xie '19
DEV Designer

Josh Lui '22
Harvard Distribution Operations Manager

Isabel Musselman '22
Harvard Distribution Sales Manager

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