Meet the faces of the largest student-run company in the world.


Ali Dastjerdi '19

Rameen Rana '20
Vice President

Nick Bunn '19
Chief Marketing Officer

Alejandra Resendiz '19
Chief Operations Officer

Sam Pelletier '20
Chief Technology Officer

Annelise Hillmann '20
Creative Director

Anthony Kenny '20
The Harvard Shop MD

Wesley Cash '20

Dara Li '20
HSA Tutoring MD

Laura Wilson '21
Let's Go Publishing Director

Noah Putnam '19

James Swingos '20
Campus Insights MD

Christina Yee '21
Corporate Creative Manager

Marie Konopacki '21
Corporate Creative Manager

Teddy Sevilla '20
Corporate Creative Manager

Caitlin Holt '21
HSA Bartending Manager

Michael Liu '21
THS Web Manager

Christi Lee '21
THS Marketing Manager

Luke Martocchio '21
HS Procurement Manager

Mirnes Kukic '21
THS Logistics Manager

Serhiy Sokhan '21
THS Web Fulfillment Manager

Megan Howard '21
Personnel Manager

Helen Huang '21
THS Partnerships Manager

Kathryn Wantlin '21
GroupGear Brand Manager

Kim Phan '21
GroupGear Account Manager

Cindy Li '21
GroupGear Account Manager

Will Rowley '21
CDE Operations Manager

Jenny Leight '21
CDE Delivery & Logistics Manager

Cyrus Faruque '21
Tutoring Business Development Manager

Nicky Wojtania '21
Tutoring Operations Manager

Miela Foster '21
Tutoring Marketing Manager

Weijia (Amy) Zhang '21
Tutoring Partnerships Manager

Karis Tai '20
Tutoring Partnerships Operations Manager

Sahara Kirwan '21
Tutoring New Initiatives Manager

Gelila Wolle '21
Tutoring Summer Politics Academy Director

Brianna Harris '21
Tutoring Summer Coding Academy Director

Elizabeth Lively '21
Tutoring Summer Coding Academy Director

Cassandra Luca '21
Editorial Director

Jasmin Liu '19
Distribution Account Manager

Sabrina Xiong '19
Distribution Account Manager

Akanksha Sah '21
Campus Insights Business Development Manager

Dhruv Mohnot '21
Campus Insights UX Researcher

Elena Wu-Yan '21
Campus Insights UX Researcher

Amy Wang '21
ampus Insights UX Researcher

Meredith Pong '21
ampus Insights UX Researcher

Jared Yanis '20
ampus Insights Business Development Manager

Peter Jankowski '21
Studio 67 Social Media Director

Jake Tilton '19
Studio 67 Marketing Sales Director

Casey Allen '21
Studio 67 Creative Sales Director

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